Desserts and Snacks

Forest Fruit Chia Pudding topped with Banana Nicecream

I’ve fallen in love with chia puddings. It’s official. They taste so delicious, like the creamiest, sweetest and most scrumptious dessert, yet they’re so healthy! The chia seeds themselves are packed full of protein and they expand hugely when soaked in liquid which makes them so versatile and easy to use, as well as being filling! Yummy! This chia pudding is raw, vegan and packed full of healthy ingredients.


You’ll need:
– 2 tbsp chia seeds
– 200ml almond milk
– 1tsp vanilla essence
– 1tsp baobab powder (optional)
– 1/2 cup forest fruits
– 1tbsp agave nectar
– 3tbsp soy yoghurt + 50ml almond milk
– 3 frozen medium bananas + 50ml almond milk
– 1tbsp raw cacao powder
– a few spoonfuls of soy yoghurt to swirl into the top


1. To make the chia pudding. Add the chia seeds, 200ml almond milk and the vanilla sense plus baobab to a bowl, stir well and set in the fridge overnight. Ensure you stir the mixture every now and then to stop it sticking in the bowl.

2. To make the berry layer. Blend in a mixer the forest fruit berries, yoghurt, agave and 50ml almond milk until combined.

3. To make the nicecream layer. Blend 3 frozen bananas with the cacao powder and 50ml almond milk.

4. Find a large jar and spoon the chia seed layer in to the bottom of the jar, spoon over the forest fruit layer, then top with the chocolate nicecream layer. Sprinkle with blueberries, some yoghurt and some chia seeds to finish. Enjoy! Keep refrigerated.


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