Imbibery London Review

Their tag line is ‘intoxicating detox’ – I can now see why! I was lucky enough to try some of the exceptional juices and mylks from Imbibery London a few weeks ago. I always believe in being honest, upfront and sharing your REAL experiences when you upload reviews as others really appreciate knowing as much as possible about a product. This is my honest review of my experience detoxing with Imbibery.


So why Imbibe? As stated on their website,, Imbibery’s juices can have up to 3 kilos of produce which means every bottle is packed full of nutrients and goodness, making it super easy for you to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible during your day!

I was lucky enough to try the ID 1: the ultimate variety cleanse for the first time Imbiber. This picture below is taken from the Imbibery website.


The cleanse included a Green juice, an Exotic juice, a Roots juice, a Spicy Limeade, a Phyto juice and a Cashew Mylk with a hot shot of Ginger and a Lemon shot.

I started my day by adding my lemon shot to some hot water to help cleanse and alkalise my system ready for my day cleansing. It was delicious. I then had the Green juice for my ‘breakfast’. I am sometimes sceptical when it comes to green juices as in the past I’ve tasted some that literally taste like grass and are so difficult to drink. I was incredibly surprised when the Imbibery Green juice was scrumptious, easy to drink and was so refreshing! I would have happily had another.

A common theory about juicing is that you get hungry throughout the day as you are only consuming juice. Luckily enough, the Imbibery cleanse has plenty of substantial juices to drink/sip every two-hours so you never get chance to feel hungry! My second juice was the Exotic juice of pineapple + ginger. This simple, yet powerful juice was probably my favourite juice of the day! It was a sweet juice with a powerful kick of ginger which is incredible for your immune system.

Next I had the Roots juice. Again I was wary of tasting the juice as I had tasted Beet juices before which are so difficult to drink and aren’t what you expect. Again, I was pleasantly surprised! The juice was delicious! It was so easy to drink and I felt great for drinking it too. The Spicy Limeade was as you’d expect, a little bitter and a little spicy, but the flavour combination worked so well.

The Phyto juice was next. This juice was a little harder to drink that the earlier Green juice as it was packed full of dark green veggies, but by sipping the juice throughout the hour I managed to finish the juice and I was looking forward to my Cashew Mylk! In between the Phyto and the Cashew I decided to have my Hot Shot, which was hot, yet tasty too! I felt my metabolism boosting whilst it was going down!

The Cashew Mylk was an absolute delight. It tastes rich, creamy and almost as if it was a dessert in a bottle, though it was 100% healthy! Wow!

I think it is safe to say my experience cleansing with Imbibery was an absolute pleasure. These have been by far my favourite juice and mylks I have ever tasted. It just shows that the dedication of the team to spend time perfecting their juices has paid off! The team were so helpful, friendly and accommodating too which made the juicing experience even more fantastic. And to top it off, I got a fabulous cool bag to keep which I can store my future Imbibery juices in when I am on the move, perfect!

If you are interested in cleansing with Imbibery then please do visit their website for information on the cleanses, stockists and prices. I really couldn’t recommend them enough!! 🙂 don’t forget to check out their Instagram page too! @imbiberylondon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!


Charlotte x



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