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Choco Protein Bars

Tonight I was seriously craving something chocolatey so I just had to make something! I have not eaten any refined sugar in weeks now, and surprisingly I’m not missing it at all. I used to be the biggest sugar bunny out there, eating at least one pot of pick n mix a week, alongside a sharing bag of maltesers, nougat and I’d keep a bag of sweets in my car! Anyway.. I moved out of my family home and began to take control of my food. I decided that, because I was noticing weight gain as well as cellulite, I wanted to change my diet and cut out refined sugar and chocolates altogether! I did it. I went cold turkey. But it worked! I now no longer crave high sugar snacks or treats and instead I’d much rather have a nice healthy yummy treat made from scratch! So here are my craving suppressants – Choco Protein Bars.


To make a SINGLE serving (one bar) you’ll need:

1tbsp almond butter
2tbsp melted coconut oil
1tbsp protein powder (I used vanilla)
1tsp raw cacao powder
1tsp pure maple syrup
3 almonds
A few goji berries


1. Mix together the coconut oil, almond butter, cacao, protein powder and maple syrup and stir well until smooth and combined.

2. In a mini loaf tin (3inches x 4inchss approx) line the tin with some parchment paper (grease proof paper)

3. Place the almonds and goji berries at the bottom of the tin. Pour over the fudgy mixture and set in the freezer for at least 30mins.

4. Slice then eat right away!

5. Feel free to double up the portions or add different fillings to the fudge.



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