Mango + Passion Fruit Chia Pudding

This pudding is one of my favourite ever recipes, this is why I’m sharing it with you! This recipe is taken from my first eBook, which I am currently updating so watch this space. Chia seeds are such a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are an essential part of a vegan, vegetarian or even a carnivorous diet. Chia seeds are easy to use, very versatile and they make a delicious base to create yummy desserts!


You will need:

3tbsp chia seeds
150ml unsweetened almond milk (plus more if needed)
1tsp natural vanilla essence
250g chopped fresh mango
2 passion fruit centres scooped out with a spoon
4tbsp soy yoghurt


1. Mix together the chia seeds, vanilla and almond milk in a bowl and else to refrigerate overnight. You may need to stir the mix occasionally to stop it from clumping – add more milk if needed.

2. Remove from the fridge after it has set and spoon the mixture into a medium sized jar.

3. Blend the mango chunks until smooth. Spoon into the jar, layering it on top of the chia pudding.

4. Spoon the soy yoghurt on top of the mango layer and top with the passion fruit seeds.

5. Eat right away! Keep refrigerated.


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