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Raw Blackberry Cupcakes

A little while ago I realised how easy it was to make raw cupcakes, so I’ve been giving some flavour combinations a go! These blackberry ones are possibly my favourite as they have such a strong fruity taste and they feel completely naughty, without any of the added nasties! Try making them by following the recipe below 🙂


To make 12 cupcakes (maybe more) you’ll need:

For the base-

150g pre-soaked dates
200ml coconut cream
120g almonds
100ml coconut milk
2tbsp pure maple syrup
3tbsp melted coconut oil
1tsp ground cinnamon

For the topping-

150g blackberries
1tsp vanilla essence
1tbsp desiccated coconut (plus more for sprinkling over as decoration)
1tbsp pure maple syrup
2tbsp coconut milk
1tbsp melted coconut oil



1. Melt the coconut cream (if solid) in a little boiling water until it’s smooth.

2. Add the almonds and dates to a food processor and pulse until breadcrumbs form.

3. Add the cinnamon, maple syrup and coconut oil and pulse again until mixed.

4. Scoop the mixture into a large bowl. Stir in the coconut cream and milk.

5. Press the base mixture into cupcake cases and freeze.

6. In the meantime, make the topping by blending all ingredients together using a high speed blender.

7. Pour this on top of the cupcake base and freeze again. I like to decorate the top of my cakes with some coconut and a sliced blueberry to make them look yummy! Decorate them as you wish.

8. Keep the cakes in the freezer for at least one hour.

9. Take them out and enjoy! Keep them refrigerated.



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