Comforting Clean Pancakes

As it is Sunday, it would be rude not to have pancakes for breakfast.. Right?! I am a huge fan of pancakes. They’re so versatile and you can make them incredibly healthy!! People assume pancakes correlates with “unhealthy” and “fattening”, but they couldn’t be more wrong – it just depends which ingredients you choose to use! Swapping the refined sugar and white flour for gluten-free oats and locally sourced organic honey and berries can transform your pancakes into the ultimate breakfast for anyone wanting to be lean and toned. I was inspired by James Duigan’s ‘clean and lean’ pancakes with this recipe. James is a master when it comes to everything clean and healthy, advocating a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself of life’s little treats (by creating healthy versions of them of course!)

To make two pancakes (single serving) you’ll need:

1 medium egg
25g gluten free oats
1 1/2 tbsp Greek yoghurt
A pinch of cinnamon

For the toppings:

50g (plus more if you wish) blueberries
1tsp locally sourced organic honey
1 medium ripe banana



1. Combine the pancake ingredients and mix well.

2. Cook the pancakes over a medium heat using organic coconut oil.

3. Sauté the blueberries over a high heat using a little coconut oil and some boiling water until they become soft.

4. Slice the banana and set aside.

5. Place one pancake on a plate and top it with half of the sliced banana to create pillars to stack the second pancake on to.

6. Stack the second pancake on top of the pillar of bananas and top with banana, blueberries and the honey.

7. Eat whilst they are still warm! Delicious!



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