My Vegan Cuts Snackbox Review!

A few weeks ago I was I invited to try some vegan goodies from the lovely people at Vegan Cuts! I was excited to give them a try and have now reviewed my experience of my Snackbox! I hope this is helpful to inform you on whether or not you’d like to also try a Snackbox.


Here are my goodies I received in my Snackbox! There were a range of goodies from snacks to powders and meals to protein goodies.

My favourite treat from my box was definitely the Banana Snacks which were made from dehydrated banana. They were absolutely delicious and they were the perfect treat to snack on! So scrummy!

I also enjoyed the Chocolate Vegan Protein powder and I added this to some delicious almond milk and nuts to make a smoothie as a yummy alternative to a chocolate milkshake!

Unfortunately, due to the fact that a lot of the goodies didn’t actually fall under the umbrella of what I’d call ‘healthy’, due to additives, unpronounceable ingredients and chemicals, I found it difficult to enjoy the rest of the Snackbox. For example, the Potato Chips in the box were certainly vegan, but in my eyes they weren’t healthy due to their artificial flavour. I wouldn’t usually opt for chips as part of a healthy diet! I also wouldn’t choose to have instant microwave meals, so the Mac and Cheese from earth balance, although it was a convenient idea, didn’t really appeal to me!

I am not one to promote negativity but I feel that there are some misconceptions around what ‘healthy’ actually means. If I were to promote a healthy box of snacks I’d definitely ensure I include some delicious raw snack bars made from real, wholesome ingredients and try to avoid the products which contain so many different ingredients, which are ultimately unnecessary, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Despite this, I did enjoy a couple of the products which were provided, so don’t let this review put you off! I just feel it is important to be honest and share my personal opinions with you. After all, this is just MY opinion, and many other people may LOVE their snackboxes! So it’s all down to individual preference 🙂

Have a wonderful day!



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