Mindful Chef – The Lean Meal Kit Company [Review]

Last week, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out the brand new ‘Lean Meal Kit Company’ – Mindful Chef. These guys are the new kids on the block, but they sure know how to do what they’re doing, and do it well.

The concept behind the service is that you get the exact ingredients needed to create a lean and healthy meal delivered to your doorstep, alongside a sheet containing a beautiful picture of your soon-to-be end product and a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it. It’s such a simple, yet incredibly effective concept. Having the exact quantities of the ingredients you need saves you the time and expense of wasting food and going to the supermarket to find all different kinds of food to make one dish. I also loved the recyclable concept of the company; you receive your goodies in a huge cardboard box, which is totally recyclable, as are the brown bags in which your food comes in. The thing I also loved about the service was the way they kept your meats super fresh by packing them in state of the art cool bags, nice!

As you all know I am a huge foodie, but I do love to try and err on the side of health when I am choosing my meals. This was one of the main things that I loved about Mindful Chef. They are a company which want to help you follow a healthy and lean lifestyle, whilst giving you delicious dishes which will sure keep you full and satisfy your flavour cravings! Each meal I had was super tasty and also really quick to make.

The three meals I had were Mediterranean cod, Harissa lemon chicken and Avocado, bacon & spinach frittata. Three meals cost £24 per person; I found this really reasonable as compared with other companies offering a similar thing, but with Mindful Chef the service was fantastic and the quality of the food I received was also really impressive. The hard work the team has put into setting up the company definitely shows with their impressive results and know-how…. I cannot recommend the service more!

So, the first day I decided to try the Mediterranean cod. I received a beautiful fillet of Devon cod (fabulous quality) and I followed the recipe exactly, and I was incredibly impressed!! The crust on the fish was so incredibly tasty, I absolutely loved it. It was so easy to make, so nutritious and definitely filling. The cod was probably my favourite meal!

Next, I tried the Harissa lemon chicken. I received a piece of West Country chicken and other ingredients such as harisssa pasta, sweet potato and flaked almonds. This was another fantastically balanced, healthy and tasty meal!

Finally, I had the omelette. Somehow I managed to make this a little bit wrong as it turned out a little bit less like an omelette, and more like a scramble! Oopsie! But it still tasted delicious, nonetheless.

I think the cod was definitely my favourite meal of the three, but I was very impressed by several things from Mindful Chef. Firstly – the quality and standard of service from these guys was second to none, I was very impressed!! Secondly – the beautiful presentation, variety of meals and aesthetics of the food was brilliant. I never looked at a meal and thought, “Oh, this looks boring!” Each meal was delicately balanced, full of flavour and incredibly good for you.

So to wrap up, if you’re looking for a simple way to get healthy, lean and inspired then I would highly recommend placing an order here with Mindful Chef today! They’ve also got some exciting future plans to bring a plant-based option onto their menu, yay! Keep an eye on these guys, they’re going to be huge!

Follow them here:

Twitter: @MindfulChefUK

Instagram: @mindfulchefuk


Charlotte x


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