NEW SERIES: Weekly favourites #1

Hey everyone!

I wanted to add a little something extra to my blog, so I thought it would be really fun to add a new series! This is my “Weekly favourites” series where I share with you my favourite products/items of the week! So let’s get stuck in.

Whole Plus toppers

You have probably noticed an influx of pictures on my Instagram page (@cleaneatscharlotte) of breakfasts and salad topped with the most delicious looking sprinkles… well here is my secret! Jo from wholeplus introduced me to her new range of healthy ‘toppers’ which are great for adding onto, well anything really! The ingredients used in the toppers are amazing – they’re packed full of wholesome natural foods, like dates, coconut and buckwheat, meaning that your body will absolutely love them. They come in a range of flavours from gingerbread to mint choc and I can safely say they are all delicious. So if you’re looking to add a little extra sprinkle to your day, then check out wholeplus!

Shelled hemp seeds

My next favourite product of the week are these delightful little hemp seeds from Creative Nature Superfoods. Hemp seeds are high in protein, they are a great source of Omega 3 & 6 and they’re also gluten free – yay! I love to sprinkle these seeds over my salads, especially, as they pack in a great vegan source of protein and Omegas, without any of the added cholesterol or unwanted fats contained in animal products. These seeds come in a particularly helpful little pot with a resealable lid to help you avoid spillages or air damage! I’d highly recommend giving them a go.

Wyldsson porridge & yoghurt topping

Again, like I have already mentioned, I am a huge fan of topping my breakfasts with something yummy and crunchy, and this topping mix definitely does the trick. Contained in the 400g bag are 8 types of nuts and seeds, goji berries and organic mulberries – yummy! The mixture is high in fibre and is also a great source of vegan protein. The toasted cashew nuts and almonds give the mixture a real crunch and bite, whilst the mulberries give it some chewiness with some added sweetness too. No syrups or oils are added to this mixture at all, which is great if you are looking to eat a little cleaner and steer clear of refined/processed food products, and this is a product definitely worth trying! You get such a huge bag and it will last a really long time, and it’s a fabulous price point at only £5.99!

PLj Lemon and Lime juice

A friend of mine, Katie introduced me to these wonderful hidden gems, the PLj lemon and lime juices! Not only can you use them as you would use typical lemon and lime juice, but you can also dilute them into a tasty drink! Yum! They are perfect for people who don’t enjoy the really sharp taste of these citrus fruits, and they also contain added Vitamin C which is always beneficial for a healthier diet. You can also use these as an alternative to tea and coffee by diluting them with a mug of hot water for a really refreshing, after dinner drink.. mmm! If you’d like to try them, feel free to click here and find out more!

Wheyhey protein ice cream

My final favourite(s) are these little individual sized pots of sugar free ice cream! In each little pot, there is an incredible 20g of protein… whaaaat! That’s crazy! They contain absolutely no sugar, but they honestly taste like the most delicious and naughtiest ice creams you’ll ever try – they’re like a miracle product! These pots are perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet treat, perhaps after dinner, but doesn’t want to be adding lots of sugar to their diet. They taste sensational and they have the added benefit of lots of protein, which helps keep you full.. yay!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of my brand new series, and be ready to see my new weekly favourites every Tuesday! Have a great day and remember to follow me on Twitter & Instagram for delicious recipes, ideas and inspiration!

Charlotte xxx


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