Soulmatefood: My 3 Day Experience 

Let’s talk about food delivery…

I am sure you are all beginning to get a bit more aware of your body confidence as we head full steam into the summer months; I know I certainly am! It’s only after hiding my body away in big jumpers and leggings over the winter that I am now beginning to expose myself a bit more – yes, this means getting my legs and shoulders out.. Eek! Maybe I should have exfoliated a little more over the winter… Anyway, as part of my spring into summer, I wanted to try out the hottest healthy food delivery service of the moment Soulmatefood (used by Michelle Keegan nonetheless) and see whether they really are as amazing as they sound…and whether the price tag really is worth it for us mere mortals!

Why Soulmatefood?

I wanted to try Soulmatefood as I know many of you are so busy and everyone is looking for an easier way to get in shape this summer. Many of us may not be as healthy, or as confident, as we want to be, yet we don’t know where to start when it comes to doing something about it. So many mixed messages regarding health are fed to us on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder we are all confused! Soulmatefood is about “being healthy, inside and out” and claim to deliver “health food, but not as you know it.” Thanks to their recent extensive media coverage, especially being responsible for Michelle Keegan’s pre-wedding diet, I just HAD to jump on the bandwagon and see what all of the fuss is about.

My Soulmatefood experience…

Firstly, I decided which plan I wanted to test out – I chose the weight loss plan as I feel I definitely have an extra few pounds that need shifting! Before my delivery was confirmed, Soulmatefood took all of my vital statistics (weight, height, activity level, food preferences etc.) to ensure that this plan, and the foods and calories in it, were specifically tailored to me, and my personal goals. This was the first sign that this meal delivery service really did care about you as an individual, which was really exciting and refreshing as I knew my meals were specifically tailored to me, instead of being generic – I was so excited to receive my delivery!

My delivery arrived on Thursday morning in a fabulously designed cool box which meant I just had to pop my meals into the fridge and I was ready to go. Here’s what I received in my delivery:


Day One

The first day of my Soulmatefood experience was exciting. It was strange not being in control of my food, and especially not having to be creative and think of what I was going to eat next. As much as I love being creative, I did love being able to spend less time focusing on food, and more time focusing on more important things, such as my studies. My breakfast was this delicious pot of Peanut Butter & Jelly Overnight Oats. I’m not lying to you when I say it was absolutely incredible! Peanut butter and jelly for breakfast… what better way to start the day?! The meal was also really filling alongside being really tasty. My morning snack was some Crunchy Pitta slices with Salsa… mmmm heavenly! I’m not used to snacking in the morning, so this was a bit odd at first. I did however feel really full right until lunch (which I had at around 1.30pm) without any belly rumbles, which I can often have when I go a few hours without eating.

Day 1: Breakfast   Day 1: Morning Snack Lunch was an indulgent Salmon with Cranberry Tabbouleh – I haven’t eaten fish in a while, so this was a different experience for me. I absolutely loved the Tabbouleh and would love to find the recipe for that as soon as possible! It was divine. My afternoon snack was a Hot Chocolate Orange with Cashew. Words can’t describe how indulgent, satisfying and utterly decadent this drink was. It had the thickness of a milkshake, with the naughtiness of a chocolate bar, combined with the health of a raw vegan dessert – win!

Day 1: Lunch    Day 1: Afternoon Snack  My final meal of the day was Lemon & Sesame Crusted Chicken with Coleslaw. This meal was absolutely huge and I was so surprised that I could eat so much food and still be on a “weight loss” plan. However, I hadn’t eaten chicken (or any meat for that matter) in months, so I did feel slightly strange eating it. I must admit, I didn’t eat it all and opted to eat the veggies and corn instead! I have become more ethically aware recently, and facing these foods has actually shown me how much my beliefs have changed over the course of the past year. I still thought the meal was fantastic, nonetheless.

Day 1: Dinner  

Day Two

I woke up on the second day of my plan feeling totally energised, satisfied and not hungry at all. But I was really looking forward to breakfast! It was Fruit & Zesty Orange Yoghurt with Gingerbread Topper… if that doesn’t sound like heaven, then I don’t know what does! It tastes very close to heaven as well. I am used to having more substantial breakfasts, such as porridge, but I was refreshed to feel satisfied all morning with this breakfast. I then enjoyed the Super Juice as my mid-morning snack. I can be a bit dubious when it comes to juices sometimes, as some really do taste disgusting! But I was delighted to taste this juice and not want to spit it back out… it was refreshing, sweet and really cleansing!

Day 2: Breakfast    Day 2: Morning Snack Lunch was more my kind of thing. It was Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Chargrilled Corn – scrummy!! I absolutely love roasted veggies, and this lunch was utterly divine. I absolutely loved it; plus it kept me full until my afternoon snack. I got to devour two Avocado Chocolate Cookies. I am not lying when I say these are easily the best cookies (of any flavour and any consistency) that I have EVER tried, I mean EVER. I was absolutely stunned at just how good they were. They were gooey but firm, naughty but healthy and they were just incredible. I probably would have eaten about ten of them if I had the chance.

Day 2: Lunch    Day 2: Afternoon Snack  My dinner was again right up my street – a plate of Vegetable Tagine with Cauliflower Couscous. I had never eaten cauliflower couscous before, so this was a new experience. This dish was well balanced, filling, substantial and also incredibly tasty. The texture of the tagine worked incredibly well with the cauliflower couscous; I’d definitely like to make this couscous if I could get the recipe!

Day 2: Dinner  Day Three

My breakfast today was little mini Hash Brown Frittatas. I decided to warm mine up and have them as a little indulgent breakfast treat. I am not used to eating savoury breakfasts, so this was an interesting experience, but it was one I enjoyed! They were really filling, and even came with a small tub of brown sauce… what a treat! My morning snack was some Sesame Chicken Bites, but after the experience with chicken the day before, I actually opted to miss these and I had a banana instead. By the time lunch came round, I was feeling a little hungry, so I was sceptical to see that I had only a Tomato & Coconut Soup to look forward to. I was surprised when the soup was actually incredibly filling and kept me satisfied for a long time, until my afternoon snack of Pina Colada Nuts (mixed nuts with mini pineapple pieces!) The soup was rich, creamy and very tasty!

Day 3: Breakfast    Day 3: Morning Snack   Day 3: Lunch     Day 3: Afternoon Snack  

My final meal on my Soulmatefood 3 day experience was a Turkey & Beetroot Curry. Again, I opted to avoid the turkey in this meal, as my stomach seemed to turn at the thought of having meat, but there were plenty of vegetables in the dish to be a sustainable meal. The taste was incredible and it was such an easy way to get in some mixed veggies into the plan.

Day 3: Dinner   

So, would I recommend Soulmatefood?

I can safely say that I absolutely loved my experience of Soulmatefood! I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone. From the initial personalised set up process to ensure that I had a personalised plan tailored to meet my needs, to the delivery process, to actually eating the delicious food, I would say everything I experienced about the service was flawless. The food felt very indulgent, it was substantial, I was never hungry and it tasted out of this world. I think that anyone wanting some pampering, some indulgence or a real treat, then definitely order a plan from Soulmatefood! I understand that this plan may be expensive, but it is the ultimate luxury. It is also great for anyone wanting to gain control of their food portions, appetite or re-develop a healthy relationship with food.

You’ll feel fantastic, inspired and full of energy if you treat yourself to a Soulmatefood plan. I’ve actually ordered myself a  6 Day Vegan Plan which is coming next week – if there is any proof that I genuinely loved it, then surely that’s it! 🙂

Charlotte x


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