My on-the-go vegan must haves

My on-the-go vegan must haves

We are all leading incredibly busy lives and it is often difficult to keep up with everything – our health, our fitness, our families, our friends etc. To make sure I am not tempted to stray from my usual eating plan (particularly when I am focused on a goal such as losing fat or getting fitter) I like to have some healthy snacks in my handbag for when those hunger pangs strike! I thought it would be helpful if I listed below some of my favourite vegan snacks. I enjoy eating a mostly plant-based, vegan diet and I avoid dairy where possible, so these snacks are just perfect for me to pop into my handbag and enjoy on the go.

Urban Fruit – Pineapple 


For only £1.75 (just think, that is basically the same as your daily coffee!) you get 100g of dried pineapple to munch on. Urban Fruit make the most delicious dried fruit (they also have mango, strawberry, and many more varieties of fruit…) There is no added sugar, no preservatives and the fruit is baked. They are a 10/10 from me!

Nakd – Salted Caramel Nibbles

These have been a staple in my handbag, and kitchen generally, for a while now. I am a fan of the Nakd bar (as you will see below…) but these nibbles are something I haven’t come across before and they’re absolutely delicious! This little bag was 74p. I love the salted caramel flavour as it tastes like you’re eating something very naughty and it really satisifes your sweet tooth. The only ingredients in these nibbles are dates, cashews, raisins, rice flour, salt and natural flavourings. YUM.

Ma Baker – Giant Apricot Bar

Now this is a new brand to me. I haven’t come across them before, but I was strolling down the aisles of Morrisons and I found a section of these bars, so I just had to buy one! I went for the apricot flavour as generally that’s my favourite. Looking at the back of the packet, I wouldn’t necessarily consider the bar to be the most nutritionally dense, but it is free from dairy and wheat and is totally vegan. Plus, it tastes delicious too! One bar will set you back 73p.

Trek – Cocoa Oat Protein Flapjack

Using the word ‘protein’ in the labelling of a food doesn’t really entice me as everything has protein in it really.. but I know that I absolutely LOVE a Trek bar, so I had to buy it. This bar is gluten free and is so filling that it constitutes a great snack. It is also something that is probably great pre & post workout. This cost me 90p, so a little more expensive that the above treats, but it is so worth it if you’re looking for a delicious, chocolatey pick-me-up!

Rude Health – The Beetroot

This isn’t the first time I’ve expressed my love for The Beetroot (costing £75p). I know what you’re thinking – why on earth would anyone want to eat a bar that’s made of beetroot? Don’t worry, I thought the same! I am not particularly a fan of the taste of beetroot, but when I tasted this I was blown away by how delicious it was! It helps that it’s super good for you too! Rude Health also make The Pumpkin which is another favourite of mine. I can’t quite decide which I like more, but they’re both great, so give them a try!

CLIF Bar – Chocolate Chip

Again, this is one well-known powerhouse of a snack bar. This bar is often associated with those who need a ton of energy to climb a mountain or to ride on a 50 mile bike ride. However, those of us who just enjoy indulging in a CLIF bar on the sofa whilst drinking a cup of tea and watching our favourite trashy TV show can also enjoy the tasty snack too. CLIF bars have a number of different flavours and they are a little more pricey than the other bars at £1.30 per bar. However, they do taste like no other bar and they are absolutely delicious. Would recommend.

Ombar – Coco Mylk

Ombar has to be the king of raw vegan chocolate bars, no? If you can find something better or more tasty, then please do let me know! They are totally refined sugar free and organic with only 208 calories per bar. They will satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling as though you’ve totally blown out and they definitely won’t make you feel guilty. They are a little expensive at £1.77 per bar, but, again, they cost less than your average coffee! ENJOY. You can thank me later.

Lazy Day Foods – Rocky Road

Okay, so I had to end on a little bit of an indulgent treat. These may not be the ‘healthiest’ of treats (whatever the word ‘healthy’ means..) but they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and I mean come on – they are rocky road! Who had a childhood that didn’t contain rocky road!? They are amazing. The best thing is that this pack contains 5 squares so you can share them with friends (or just eat them all yourself..) They are made in Scotland and the brand also makes ginger tiffin and chocolate orange slices, so go and have a gander. This pack was £2.00.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s in my handbag and please let me know what you take with you in your handbag in the comments below!

Love from,

Charlotte x


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